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A rising college freshman shares resources and advice for her fellow students as they transition to life on campus or stay home for distance learning this semester.

Teen Advisory Group member Anesha Santhanam
Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

“Your family CAN travel safely (AND HAVE A BLAST!) with food allergies. This comprehensive guide will help make it easier so you can have MORE FUN and LESS STRESS.”

Hillary Carter
Top 10 Travel Tips

"In these uncertain times, the most important consideration with back to school preparation is communication."

Teen Advisory Group member Shaelyn Averaimo
Shaelyn Averaimo

The pressing question on the mind of all parents right now is how and when will our children safely return to school during COVID-19.

Nicole Ruffo
Nicole Ruffo landscape.jpg

Events like the pandemic that feel unpredictable, outside of our control and threatening can cause high stress. This effect may be heightened as we face important choices about school safety, Here are some ways to increase your sense of predictability and control to reduce stress.

Gianine (Gia) Rosenblum, PhD
mom adjusting son mask

FARE is leveraging the findings from our Food Allergy Consumer Journey studies to advance the case for user-friendly universal allergen labeling.

Woman shopping

“I’ve done two food challenges, for different foods, with different outcomes, after having the allergies for different lengths of time. But despite all those differences, the feelings I had were the same.”

Teen Advisory Group member Mia Rossi
Mia Rossi

A “quick trip to the grocery store” will never be possible for me, as I must read every ingredient label.

Annie Walsh
Consumer Journey

“Remember to take responsibility and act with caution, care and confidence, which will ultimately help you feel more independent as you get older.”

Teen Advisory Group member Sara Hantgan
Sara Hantgan

A Q&A With Bruce Roberts, PhD, FARE’s Chief Research, Science and Innovation Officer

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