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We’re taking on the challenges of living with food allergies with strength, resilience, and unity. Together, as a community, we stand as a single team.

What is FARE 33?

FARE 33 is the biggest team you’ve never heard of—bigger than every professional sports team combined. Our team includes the more than 33 million people in the U.S. with food allergies, who are champions for themselves and for others with food allergy, and the allies who line up alongside them.

We’re resilient. We know what it’s like to feel anxious about food allergies, or even to have a reaction, but we get the help that we need and keep going.

We’re informed. We can read ingredient lists and menus like a pro.

We’re tough. And we’re everywhere. If you don’t have food allergies, you know someone who does. We’re a team that’s determined to win—so, be a part of our victory!

By joining the FARE 33 team, you become part of a movement that advocates for fairness and inclusivity while redefining the playing field for all of those who manage the daily challenges of life-threatening food allergies.

We are FARE. It’s personal for us. 

Join the Team

FARE 33 Welcomes Jason McCourty to the Team

FARE is excited to announce a new partnership with Super Bowl champion, broadcaster, philanthropist, and food allergy dad, Jason McCourty.

“The disease of food allergies affects my family and, as FARE says, ‘It’s personal for us.’ For me. For my family. And I know that by elevating public awareness of food allergies and raising our voices, together, we can create a world without food allergies,” said McCourty. “This is an achievable goal that depends on the resources that are dedicated to that mission and I am pleased to lend my platform to this important, very personal issue.”

McCourty has already helped transform the landscape for those affected by sickle cell disease through the Tackle Sickle Cell Campaign he co-founded with his twin brother and fellow Super Bowl LIII Champion, Devin McCourty.

FARE and Jason McCourty share the vision of creating a safer and more inclusive world for those managing food allergies and their families—a testament to the power of partnerships in driving meaningful change.


Why Should You Join FARE 33?

We’re building a virtual clubhouse! Join the team by sharing your email address, so we can send you updates on FARE 33. Get started by downloading a digital team jersey, and we'll let you know as we release other virtual merchandise.

This fall, our online store will go live with wearable merchandise, available exclusively to FARE 33 members. 

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