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A licensed psychologist shares tips, guidance and resources for parenting during the pandemic

Gianine (Gia) Rosenblum, PhD
Dad holding daughter above his head

A licensed psychologist and food allergy mom offers tips and resources to support mental and emotional health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gianine (Gia) Rosenblum, PhD
Girl reading on a dock

FARE's Chief Medical Advisor for Operations answers questions submitted by members of the food allergy community.

Thomas B. Casale, MD
Dr Tom Casale

Research on the stability of the novel coronavirus suggests that avoiding exposures might be more difficult than we had hoped. These evidence-based cleaning instructions can help you disinfect household surfaces effectively.

Thomas B. Casale, MD
Woman Cleaning

Most COVID-19 infections are actually spread by infected people who have no symptoms. A study just published in the journal Science illustrates why we need to be very careful.

Thomas B. Casale, MD
Family video calling

On Wednesday, March 4, I was one of nearly 150 food allergy advocates who went to Capitol Hill. Seeing so many people come together gives me hope for the future of the food allergy community.

Teen Advisory Group member Anisah Daniel
Courage at Congress

Lots of energy is put into avoiding a reaction or minimizing a reaction, but I believe more focus should be placed on the aftermath of a reaction.

Zidaan Kapoor
Father and daughter

Traveling for sports with severe food allergies is a challenge. Planning in advance increases the chances that safe food will be available.

Teen Advisory Group member Matthew Doucette

A senior at Catholic University of America, Allison Davin has generously shared her food allergy expertise since founding the Allergy Alli blog during her sophomore year in high school. In this Q&A session, she tackles communications and safety in dating, dining out, and kissing.

I love going out. Whether I’m heading to a movie, a game, a concert or a birthday party, I love leaving my house to have fun. However, the way I prepare for and act at these events is slightly different than everyone else for one reason: my long list of food allergies.

Teen Advisory Group member Ramsey Makan

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