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In today’s culture, many important events and occasions are centered around food. While these events are meant to bring people together, it can be especially hard for those living with food allergies to feel included or connected. At key times throughout the year – from national or religious holidays where food and tradition are so intricately linked, to pop culture moments like the big game or Spring Break, to a simple daytime party for kids – FARE is here to share tips, tricks and recipes as well heartwarming stories about how you can happily, healthily celebrate by bringing a little teal to your occasions.

Special Occasions

When someone has a food allergy, their family and friends must learn to adapt. Access to key information and resources will help you stay safe and live well no matter what the occasion.

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football celebration

Celebrating by Dining Out

Whether you're dining out with friends, family, or a special someone, celebrating with meals outside the comfort of your kitchen doesn’t have to be off-limits just because you have a food allergy.

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Living Teal™: At the Table With FARE Podcast

Living Teal: At the Table With FARE, provides engaging conversation that shares key tips for daily living including a special focus on living with, or caring for someone with, food allergies. Each episode aims to educate and engage the audience, bringing together experts, influencers, personalities and educators to discuss today’s most pressing issues.

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Teal Pumpkin in Hands

The Teal Pumpkin Project®

Learn how you can make Halloween safer and more inclusive

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