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Sarah Matheson

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hungry Harry’s®

Sarah Matheson

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hungry Harry’s®

I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hungry Harry’s® - an allergy-friendly food company based in Chicago.

Currently, about 32 million people across the US have life-threatening food allergies, with an estimated 89 million being impacted. With no known cure, food allergies are a health epidemic that is underestimated and under researched.

For me, it is personal. My son was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of three while we were in Thailand on vacation. Something as simple as a cookie put us in the back of an ambulance, weaving through the streets of Phuket, navigating our way to the local hospital. From that moment on I was faced with a journey that many others, all around the world, have to navigate.

I devised plans and protocols to manage my son’s life-threatening food allergies. Then, in 2011, we moved to Chicago. Once we settled, our plan evolved into creating Hungry Harry’s.

We launched at the Nourished Event in June of 2019, with five baking mixes that are free from the Top 14 food allergens. Being free from the Top 14 means 90% of those living with food allergies can eat Hungry Harry's. That positions Hungry Harry’s to be a mass-marketed product, a necessary - and essential - product.

I was born in rural Australia. I moved states to study secondary school and University in Sydney. For twenty-five years I was a Senior Business Development Manager for internet and marketing companies in Australia and New Zealand. My focus was to increase the size and frequency of transactions from brands to a member base. In short, sell more things to more people more often, with data at the center of the process.

At the age of 47, I returned to college to develop my passion into refined skills through photography and visual storytelling. I have captured historically significant cultural events, from global leaders to local icons, all with visual sensibility. I am a mother and marketer. So, I understand the importance of producing photos that solve a problem, illustrate a point of view, or identify the core issues for a brand, community, or event.

Beyond my own life and food allergy experience, Hungry Harry’s validates the food allergy family. With Hungry Harry’s, “we’re not trying to put our kids on the moon, we just want to give them chocolate cake."

When I am not raising funds, managing digital assets, engaging with the food allergy community, or developing strategic partnerships - I love to bake and photograph. I collect vintage, yellow Pyrex. So if you have any... I am interested! 

You can reach me at sarah@confidencefoods.com

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