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Anna Masciola

Anna Masciola

RN in a pediatric intensive care unit

Anna Masciola graduated from the University of Arizona with her BSN in May 2019, and currently works as an RN in a pediatric intensive care unit. She is anaphylactic to eggs, dairy, chicken, turkey, peanuts, and tree nuts, and has both eosinophilic esophagitis and asthma. Anna is very passionate about making sure people with food allergies feel safe. She completed her college honors research on the evidence-based recommendations for food allergy management in the school setting. Through her research, she educated the staff of schools in the Tucson area on food allergies and the proper use of an epinephrine auto injector. Additionally, she spent the summer of 2019 in northern Wisconsin as a camp nurse, working with children with food allergies who are just like her and making sure they feel safe and welcome in their community. Anna is so excited to come back this year and share her experiences for the Living Teal Global Summit!

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