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Teen Advisory Group

FARE's Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is our voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community.

FARE’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is our voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community. They write articles for the FARE Blog and other publications, serve as mentors, offer support for other teens who are seeking guidance, and help guide our youth programs.

About TAG

TAG members are between the ages of 11 and 22, and are individuals who want to make a difference for people managing food allergies.

Some issues TAG members help to address include handling social situations, dining out, facing challenges unique to teens, and educating the community about what it means to be a teen with food allergies.

TAG members work on youth projects, create content for our website, and serve as leaders at FARE's national events. Teen advisors can be found around the United States.

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Featuring Shreya Shivakumar, Indrani Maitra, Anisah Daniel, Celeste Virador and Emily Brown

2020 TAG Work

Anisah Daniel

TAG Tackles Food Insecurity

In partnership with the Food Equality Initiative (FEI), FARE's Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is working to learn more about how school districts around the country are approaching the needs of individuals with food allergies during this crisis. The data collected through this policy scan can be used to prove the need for funding and policy flexibility to ensure access to safe food for all children in situations like the present. TAG is looking for additional volunteers willing to contact their local school district(s).

TAG member Teresa

Save a Life: The Epinephrine Auto-Injector Song

Teresa wrote "Save a Life: The Epinephrine Auto-Injector Song" in order to teach people how to administer an epinephrine auto-injector, help them to remember the information long-term, and help them to remain calm when administering epinephrine to themselves or to someone else.


Securing Safe Food: Allergy Awareness Initiative

The Securing Safe Food project works to increase the food allergy community’s access to safe food through restaurant education, ingredient lists, and allergy-friendly food pantries.

Allergy Friendly Choices Logo

Allergy Friendly Choices

Learn more about how TAG is working with the Houston Food Bank to ensure families facing food allergies and food insecurity have access to safe foods.

Nourish America Logo

Nourish America

Launched in 2018, Nourish America works with food banks in New Jersey and the Tri-State area to provide allergy-friendly options for families managing food allergies and food insecurity.

Tag Food Drive

Read About TAG's 2019 Work

Every year TAG members work online and in their local communities to educate, inspire and connect. Read about what TAG took on in 2019.

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