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Allergy Friendly Choices

Supporting Families Managing Food Allergies or Celiac Disease and Food Insecurity in Texas

Allergy Friendly Choices (AFC) launched in 2020 in partnership with the Houston Food Bank and West Houston Assistance Ministries. AFC seeks to provide a reliable stream of allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods to families experiencing both food insecurity and celiac Disease or food allergies. 

1.6 million Americans face both food insecurity and medical dietary restrictions (Allergic Living, 2018). Food insecurity is a particularly formidable challenge when it intersects with food allergies or celiac disease. Allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods are significantly more expensive than regular food. According to the Food Equality Initiative (FEI), gluten-free pasta costs 226% more than regular pasta. 

When TAG member Indrani volunteered at Houston Food Bank, she and her mother would always make separate boxes of Gluten-Free food when sorting. However, they never knew if the gluten-free food would reach the people who needed it. 

Community contributions of allergy-friendly and gluten-free food often get mixed up with general food donations, and there is no guarantee the food would reach the target population. 

 AFC works within the existing food pantry system and helps make it more effective for clients with food allergies or celiac disease. With Allergy Friendly Choices, allergy friendly donations can be matched to the families that need it. 

Indrani received seed money from a service-learning grant for the initial implementation of AFC. In order to make AFC a long-term, sustainable resource for this population, you can contribute- both monetary and in-kind. 

  • You can donate money here - make sure to indicate that your donation is for AFC in the Additional Notes section.  
  • Contribute allergy-friendly or gluten-free foods to WHAM at 10501 Meadowglen Ln, Houston, TX 77042. Make sure to indicate on the box that the donations are for AFC

TAG Member: Indrani Maitra

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