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Airlines and Food Allergies

For those with food allergies, having an understanding flight crew, clean seats and tasty snacks when traveling by plane are not just for comfort, they are necessities. We have all seen the headlines, though, about instances where a person had an allergic reaction on a plane, or was kicked off by an apathetic flight crew because of a food allergy. We have also experienced flights where airline employees went to great effort to ensure our experience was as safe as possible.

The goal of the "Airlines and Allergies" TAG project is to help others with food allergies avoid these negative experiences while flying by determining the best and worst airlines for food allergy sufferers. We combed through airlines websites and various news sources, contacted the airlines directly, and thought back to our own personal experiences to put together a report detailing strong suits and shortcomings of 36 airlines, domestic and international. Also within the report, we included the steps that every food allergic person should take, regardless of the airline, to both prepare oneself for the flight and help the crew prepare. We hope that using this to guide your travel choices will make your flying experience easy, safe, and comfortable. Happy flying!

Team Leader: Anne Bolt

Contributors: Lizzy Anderlik, Himal Bamzal-Wokhl, Rylee Christian, Kenzi Cook, Isabel Dowling, Brennan Finder, Erica Friedman, Sarah Hantgan, Addison Kinsey, Clare Kirchner, Gina Loiacono, Sarah Mufson, Claire Murphy, Emily Parris, Kaia Patel, Sophie Ramondetta, Sophie Schmults, Maddie Waldi

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