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Food Allergy Basics

Does Your Child Have a Food Allergy? Brochure
Tiene su hijo una alergia alimentaria

A brochure to help you know what to look for after your child has eaten certain foods, as well as other food allergy basics.

Food Allergies: Frequently Asked Questions
Alergias alimentarias: Preguntas frecuentes

Answers to the top 15 most frequently asked questions about food allergies.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
Plan de atencion de emergencias de ealergias alimentarias y anafilaxia

A fillable Spanish version of our popular FAAP, recently updated to reflect the four epinephrine auto-injectors that are currently on the market.

How a Child Might Describe a Reaction
Cómo un niño podría describir una reacción

A list of examples of the words and phrases a child might use to describe a reaction.

Managing Food Allergies: What You Need to Know
Manejo de alergias alimentarias: Lo que necesita saber

A document outlining some of the most important things you should in regards to better understanding food allergies and anaphylaxis.

Preparing Others to Care for Children with Food Allergies
Preparar a otras personas para cuidar de niños con alergias alimentaria

Important steps you can take to prepare caregivers to help ensure that your child is safe and included when you are gone.

Tips for Avoiding Your Allergen
Consejos para evitar su alérgeno

A two-page document that offers an in-depth look at each of the common allergens, and provides guidance for avoiding them in ingredients.

Understanding Food Labels
Comprender las etiquetas de los alimento

Learn how to better understand food labels so that you can safely manage your or your child’s food allergies.

Your Food Allergy Field Guide
Su Guía práctica de alergias alimentarias

A combination of our best resources in an easy-to-use format designed for individuals and families who have been newly diagnosed with food allergies


Cross-Contact/Restaurants/Dining Out

Cleaning Methods
Métodos de limpiez

A few tips for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces that can help you reduce the risk of cross-contact.

Dining Out with Food Allergies
Cenar fuera de casa con alergias alimentaria

Tips for what to do before you go out and when you are at the restaurant to help you have a better dining experience.

Food Allergies: Keep Your Guests Safe Poster
Alergias alimentarias: mantenga sus comensales fuera de peligro

A food allergy awareness poster for restaurant staff to help keep guests safe when serving individuals with a food allergy.

Food Allergies What You Need to Know Poster
Alergias alimenticias lo que necesita saber

A food allergy awareness poster for restaurant staff to help keep guests safe when serving individuals with a food allergy.

Food Allergy Chef Card in Spanish

Carrying a "chef card" that outlines the foods you must avoid is a great way to communicate your food allergies to a chef or manager at restaurants.

How to Avoid Cross-Contact
Cómo evitar el contacto cruzado

Tips to avoid both direct and indirect cross-contact.

Prevent Cross-Contact Poster Set
Evite el contacto cruzado

A set of two food allergy awareness posters designed to educate food service staff on how they can help keep diners with food allergies safe.


Awareness Materials

Be a PAL: Protect A Life™ From Food Allergies
Se un PAL: Protégé una vida contra las alergias alimentarias.

An education program that can help children learn how to be a good friend to kids with food allergies. Materials available in Spanish include: Be a PAL Poster, Handout, Instruction Sheet for Parents, Presentation Guide, Certificate, and Bookmarks.

Be a PAL Poster
Be a PAL Handout
Be a PAL Instruction Sheet for Parents
Be a PAL Presentation Guide and Script
Be a PAL Certificate
Be a PAL Printable Bookmark

Teal Pumpkin Project Posters

Non-Food Treats Available Here (Tenemos dulces y sorpresas no-comestibles).

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