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FARE Responds to Companies Intentionally Adding Sesame Flour as FASTER Act Goes Into Effect

FARE's Response

We are delighted that the FASTER Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2023, ensures products containing sesame will be labeled. Unfortunately, we are disappointed and concerned that many baking companies are intentionally adding sesame flour to their products to avoid the cost of cleaning their lines.

FARE has been working over the last few months to fight back.
When we first heard of this practice earlier this year, we encouraged members of the American Bakers Association to do the right thing by our community and clean their lines to provide safe and sesame-free products to our community.  

Make your voice heard, let Congress know about this issue.

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For a list of companies not adding sesame flour to products

Additional Information

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Families feel 'betrayed' by brands they trusted, said AllergyStrong executive director and allergy mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions About Companies Intentionally Adding Sesame Flour to Products.

Major food brands are adding sesame to items in 'shortcut' after FDA declares the seed a 'major allergen'

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Food Allergy Research and Education executive called a workaround 'disappointing'

Chick-Fil-A And Other Restaurants Added Sesame To Their Food And People With Sesame Allergies Are Pissed

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People are concerned that restaurants and food manufacturers may be adding sesame to products in response to a law that was passed to make it easier for those with allergies to identify the ingredient.

Ohio family says the FASTER Act will create a better life for their son

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The act requires sesame to be added onto the list of major food allergens and food companies are required to clearly label it in the ingredients.

Bread Suppliers ‘Adding Sesame’ as Seed Becomes Top Allergen

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A growing number of U.S. commercial bakeries are intentionally adding sesame to some breads and baked goods, then labeling sesame as an ingredient.

FARE statements regarding food companies intentionally adding sesame flour to their products to avoid complying with the intent of the FASTER Act

FARE Statement

Statement by Jason Linde, Senior Vice President, Government & Community Affairs, FARE

Learn more about how FARE advocates helped pass the FASTER Act
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Become An Advocate

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