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Companies Not Adding Sesame Flour to Products

FARE is grateful to Spokin for compiling this list and thanks the following companies for complying with the spirit and intent of the FASTER Act (Updated: 1/18/2023).*

Dedicated Sesame-Free Facilities

These brands have confirmed their facilities are dedicated free of sesame.

Some Facilities Are Dedicated Sesame-Free

These brands have multiple facilities with at least one that is dedicated sesame-free. We’ve listed which products are made in sesame-free facilities. If a product is not listed, it is not made in a dedicated sesame-free facility.

  • Brazi Bites
  • Calise:
    • Dedicated Sesame-Free Facility: Whole Wheat Kaiser Roll, Split Top Sub Roll, Italian Round Bread, Seedless Rye Bread, Marble Rye Bread, Golden Flax Scala Bread, and Sourdough Italian Round Bread
  • Enjoy Life Foods
  • Schmidt Old Tyme
    • Dedicated Sesame-Free Facility: Old Tyme Breads, Deli-Style Breads, Game Day Rolls, Omega Me Crazy! Breads, 647 Breads, Potato Rolls, English Muffins, White Breads
  • Trupo Treats
  • Turano:
    • Dedicated Sesame-Free Facility: Pane Turano, Rustic Grains, Rustic Rye, Rustic Italian
    • Dedicated Sesame-Free Line in Shared Facility with Sesame: English Muffins, Soft Sub Rolls, French Rolls
  • YumEarth

Dedicated Sesame-Free Lines

  • Blake’s Seed Based
  • Carbonaut:
    • Dedicated Sesame-Free Lines: Bagels, Granola, and Gluten-Free Loaves
    • Shared Lines With Sesame: Wheat Loaves and Buns

These brands have confirmed their products are made on dedicated sesame-free lines but the facility is not dedicated sesame-free.

Dedicated Sesame-Free Restaurants


To view Spokin's full list, click here

*This list represents a moment in time and is not inclusive of all sesame-free companies. This list is provided for general awareness, and FARE does not guarantee these companies are 100% sesame-free. FARE encourages individuals to read each label at the time of purchase and before consumption, and contact the manufacturer if they have questions.

For more information on how FARE responds to companies intentionally adding sesame flour

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