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Registered Dietitians

It’s FARE’s mission to equip RD/RDNs with the most updated information surrounding food allergies and intolerances to better serve the larger community.

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In working with the 85 million Americans that are affected by food allergies and intolerances, we have learned that dietary restrictions are only part of their story. FARE is expanding access to care and raising food allergy awareness among diverse populations, but it starts with the healthcare provider. 

Many individuals and families look to registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) for expert advice when it comes to managing their food allergy. Nutrition counseling sessions should reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in taking personal preferences, cultural traditions and budget into account when making inclusive nutrition recommendations. It’s FARE’s mission to equip RD/RDNs with the most updated information surrounding food allergies and intolerances to better serve the larger community. 

Online Training

Pediatric Food Allergy Course

This comprehensive 9-month course covers the prevention, diagnosis and management of IgE-mediated and non-IgE-mediated pediatric food allergies. Upon successful completion, dietitians will be prepared to provide up-to-date and evidence-based care and medical nutrition therapy to pediatric food allergy patients and hold a FARE Certificate of Training in Pediatric Food Allergy. Additionally, FARE is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). CDR Credentialed Practitioners will receive 55 Continuing Professional Education units (CPEUs) for completion of this course.


Common Allergens

Although nearly any food can trigger an allergic reaction, there are nine foods that cause the majority of reactions.

Newly Diagnosed

These resources are designed to help newly diagnosed patients and families begin their journey from diagnosis to living well with food allergies.


Dietitians can work with parents and caregivers to prevent food allergy development in infants.

Meet FARE Trained Registered Dietitians

Continuing Education for RDs/RDNs


Food Allergy Academy

FARE provides access to training and resources that help make the world a safer and more inclusive place for those managing food allergies. Our learning management system houses free and fee-based trainings on a variety of topics, many of which offer Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics(*). Some popular topics include:

  • ADA, Section 504 and Higher Education: What You Need to Know*
  • Celiac Disease vs. Wheat Allergy 
  • Food Allergy 101: A Crash Course for the Newly Diagnosed
  • Keeping Students Safe and Included
  • Managing Food Allergies on a Plant-Based Diet 
  • March-ing Toward Your Best Meals: National Nutrition Month Tips to Personalize Your Plate*
  • Microbiome and Food Allergies 
  • Navigating Early Childhood and Food Allergies 
  • Oral Immunotherapy: What You Should Know and What’s New*
  • Passing the Baton: Shifting Responsibility from Caregiver to Young Adult 
  • Preventing Food Allergies: The Impact of What and When to Feed Babies*
  • Unpacking Nutrition: What to Eat and How to Feed a Family 
  • … and many more! 
Access to these free webinars is quick and easy!

Current Trends in Food Allergies and the Critical Role of Health Care Professionals

This on-demand module provided by FARE covers the basics of food allergy and discusses how registered dietitian nutritionists can support patients with food allergies.

*One CEU credit is provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 

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Recent Webinar

Non-IgE-Mediated Food Allergies Are Real and VERY Misunderstood

Available on demand at foodallergyacademy.org

This webinar will discuss important differences between IgE-mediated and non-IgE-mediated food allergies, such as underlying causes, diagnostic testing, management, prognosis and risks.

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Free FARE Monthly Webinars

FARE hosts free educational webinars with leading experts discussing the food allergy topics YOU most want to hear about.

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Administration of FARE’s Pediatric Food Allergy course powered by Nutricia North America

To learn more about our Pediatric Food Allergy Course

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