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FACE (Food Allergy Community Engagement)

Impact at the Community Level

The delivery of health education resources and interventions in the community setting is a highly- promising strategy to prevent and manage food allergy, particularly among under-resourced and under-served populations. In response, FARE is launching the FACE (Food Allergy Community Engagement) Program, which will be piloted in underserved communities in Newark, NJ, with the goal to replicate the model in other cities.

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Through FACE, FARE is partnering with leaders at Newark nonprofits, health centers, faith-based organizations, schools, and clinicians to:

  • assess the prevalence and burden of diagnosed and convincing food allergy;
  • understand social determinants of health; and 
  • identify barriers to food allergy research participation and access to  care. 

Utilizing what we learn during our information gathering period, FARE will work to build trust and systems in the community that:

  • deliver culturally appropriate strategies for community engagement awareness-building and access to care; 
  • provide trainings and resources to high-needs schools and other critical audiences; and 
  • measure the impact of our actions.
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