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Media Room February 17, 2023

Statement of Sung Poblete, RN, PhD and CEO of FARE regarding FARE’s partnership with Sifter SP, Inc.

Updated Statement

February 17, 2023 – It is unfortunate that FARE must again address misleading information about our relationship with Sifter and its food search platform. SnackSafely’s article regarding FARE’s motives for the FARE/Sifter partnership and the remarks about the platform itself are both incorrect and untruthful.

As referenced in our statement in December, we continue to maintain that the Sifter platform is an additional educational tool and product option that can provide an initial screen toward identifying foods that are potentially allergy safe, and aid in screening out unsafe foods. To be clear, there is no one tool that can ever replace the essential practices of reviewing product labels every time a food is purchased and consumed, and contacting manufacturers with specific questions about food allergen ingredients in their products. Sifter’s platform, however, is a very useful tool and one that can assist the food allergy community with their grocery shopping.

FARE is committed to serving those with food allergies through transformative research, education, advocacy and partnerships. To suggest otherwise is in direct conflict with our mission and history; and, we will vigorously defend our partnership choices from those who seek to disparage our work. We question the intent and motive behind SnackSafely’s article and suggest that questions regarding the author’s potential conflict of interest be directed to the publication and its editor.  

December 16, 2022 – The partnership between FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), the nation’s leading non-profit organization engaged in food allergy advocacy and the largest private funder of food allergy research, and Sifter SP, Inc., a leader in food and nutrition digital technology, has recently come into question. We feel it is our responsibility to the food allergy community to rectify any misconceptions that may exist regarding the product and our relationship with Sifter. 

As background, Sifter is a website and app that is designed to aid in the grocery shopping experience. The product follows strict algorithms to allow a grocery shopper to filter items by over 130 diet filters, including the top 9 allergens and 18 total ingredient concerns. As a tool for food screening, Sifter’s platform provides an initial level of assessment for food shoppers as they navigate the complexities of appropriate food purchases for those with potentially life-threatening food allergies. 

Based on FARE’s market research showing an overwhelmingly positive view of Sifter and strong support for recommending the Sifter product, FARE recently entered into a partnership with Sifter to recommend and raise awareness of the platform. This move also addresses a need in the food allergy community for ongoing support and prioritization for finding safe food options. As an additional educational tool and product option for identifying allergy safe foods, we feel the Sifter platform can significantly aid in the food selection process. Reviewing product labels and contacting manufacturers with specific questions about food allergens remain essential practices. 

For the more than 85 million Americans (1 in 4 households) that are directly and indirectly affected by food allergies and/or intolerances to one of the top nine allergens, we are confident that the Sifter platform and FARE’s support of its use as a tool for food shopping, will greatly enhance the grocery shopping experience. We welcome Sifter’s technology as meeting a voiced need in the food allergy community, and we invite anyone with questions regarding the Sifter platform to click here for more information.  

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