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Media Room March 20, 2023

FARE Honors Impactful Food Allergy Women during Women’s History Month

March 20, 2023 (McLean, VA) – Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is proud to honor and highlight three women who have made and are continuing to make a huge impact in the food allergy space. During Women’s History Month, FARE recognizes the dedication and commitment of these individuals in research, advocacy, education, awareness, philanthropy and leadership, whose work is raising awareness of food allergy as a top tier disease while solidifying FARE’s role as THE trusted food allergy resource.

FARE’s impactful food allergy women include:

Kim Hartman

Kim Hartman

Kim Hartman, whose son faced deadly allergies to all nuts, is a compassionate philanthropist, dedicated food allergy mom, serial entrepreneur/vc, and impactful advocate for the cause and treatments of food allergy. Utilizing her Tufts and NYU Sterns School of Business training and after holding numerous high-profile corporate jobs, Hartman notably founded a start-up which designed and manufactured carriers for EpiPens. Of all her passions, Hartman is most dedicated to supporting research and innovation into food allergies and has given generously of her time, attention, and philanthropy so that other families can experience freedom from food allergies. She and her husband vigorously support food allergy programs and initiatives in ways that avoid some of the hurdles their son had to overcome in his food allergy journey. A current co-chair of FARE’s Board of Governors, Hartman lives her commitment to food allergy every day.

Stacey Saiontz

Stacey Saiontz Headshot

Stacey Saiontz is a tireless advocate for food allergy awareness and the mom to a son with a host of life-threatening allergies. A longtime FARE supporter with an undergraduate degree in pollical science from the University of Michigan and a JD from American University Washington College of Law, she has demonstrated her commitment to improving the lives of individuals with food allergies through her tireless efforts spanning local, state and federal advocacy. In 2018, Saiontz received FARE’s Excellence in Advocacy Award in recognition of her passionate food allergy work. Throughout the years, she has spearheaded the passage of several pieces of legislation in New York State, including laws that allow school bus drivers to administer epinephrine, enable students to self-carry epinephrine, and permit schools to stock epinephrine. In 2022 Saiontz, along with her son Jared, helped lead a successful effort to pass a law in Westchester County, NY, requiring that restaurants have on-site personnel with specific training in food allergy safety. Saiontz continues as an active supporter and advocate of all things food allergy and is an invaluable member of the FARE and food allergy communities.

Sung Poblete

Sung Poblete Headshot

Dr. Poblete may be one year into her position as CEO of FARE, but her work in food allergy is a lifelong passion. A food allergy sufferer herself, Dr. Poblete brings her extensive leadership skills and educational and management accomplishments to her role. At FARE, she works on a critical cause that benefits her personally as well as the more than 33 million Americans who have a life-threatening food allergy to one, or many, of the more than 170 foods that can cause a reaction. Dr. Poblete’s Bachelor and Master of Science degrees, as well as a PhD in nursing, from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, sets the stage for her insightful work into tackling and overcoming food allergies. At FARE, Dr. Poblete is forging new partnerships, supporting cutting edge research, expanding education and access opportunities, and raising the bar on bringing attention and support to the life-threatening issue of food allergy. FARE’s reputation and activity under her watch is already strongly impacting the food allergy community and beyond. 

For more than a decade, FARE has worked diligently to end suffering from food allergies, providing resources and support for patients as well as those who love and care for them. In 10 short years, FARE has built an incredible food allergy community through the power of connection; and through that community, FARE continues to be the single biggest catalyst for change for those impacted by food allergies. 

Through the tireless work and dedication of women such as Kim Hartman, Stacey Saiontz, and Sung Poblete, the food allergy community is safer, better informed, and more hopeful for the future. FARE is honored to work with and be represented by these exemplary women and is deeply indebted to them for their generous support in fulfilling its mission to eradicate food allergy. 

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