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Media Room April 25, 2024

FARE-Endorsed “Elijah’s Law” Bill Signed Into Law in Maryland

New Law to Protect More than 29,000 Maryland Food-Allergic Children

McLEAN, Va.—April 25, 2024 — FARE  (Food Allergy Research and Education), the leading nonprofit organization engaged in food allergy education and advocacy—and the largest provider of charitable support for food allergy research in the U.S.— applauds Thomas Silvera, Maryland State Del. Julie Palakovich Carr, Maryland State Sen. Clarence Lam, M.D. and Maryland Gov. Wes Moore on the recent passage and signing of HB 1195 – Child Care Providers – Anaphylactic Food Allergies – Guidelines and Indemnity (Elijah’s Law) into law today in Annapolis, Maryland.

The new law is a huge win for the more than 29,000 Maryland families with children ages 0 to 5 with potentially life-threatening food allergies who rely on the state’s more than 5,000 licensed child care providers to watch over their children. The new law, also known as “Elijah’s Law,” is named after Elijah-Alavi Silvera, the three-year-old son Thomas Silvera and Ondina Hawthorne, who died after his childcare provider in New York City mistakenly fed him a sandwich that contained his allergen. Since then, Thomas and Ondina have worked tirelessly to introduce and help pass versions of “Elijah’s Law” in New York, Virginia, and Connecticut into law.

Said Thomas Silvera, CST, MSHS-PH, Co-Founder and Vice President, of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation Inc., “We deeply appreciate the advocacy and support from all who contributed to the passage of Elijah’s Law (Maryland HB 1195), safeguarding children with food allergies in childcare environments. The loss of my son, Elijah-Alavi, underscores the critical need for such measures, and motivates our continued efforts. FARE’s involvement was especially crucial, providing pivotal support and expertise.”

Along with Thomas Silvera, FARE testified in Annapolis in support of HB 1195 with the bill sponsor’s Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr on February 28 in front of the House Ways and Means Committee. You can view their testimony here at the 2:45:40 mark.

“Today’s bill signing makes Maryland’s more than 5,000 childcare centers safer for the more than 29,000 infants, toddlers, and children five and under with potentially life-threatening food allergies,” said Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, CEO of FARE. “It also saves food allergy parents and caretakers from the fear, anxiety, and worry that comes with trusting their child’s life to someone else. We are grateful for the work of Thomas Silvera, Delegate Palakovich Carr, Senator Lam, and Governor Moore for their effort and support of food allergy families across Maryland.”

The new law goes into effect on July 1, 2024.

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