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Enjoying restaurant meals with friends and family doesn’t have to be off limits just because you have a food allergy. With the right planning and preparation, eating out can still be an enjoyable part of your life.

FARE has created the SafeFARE program to offer tools to both those with food allergies and restaurants help create a safer dining experience and, ultimately, improve quality of life for those who are managing food allergies. Follow the links below to find important advice and information about managing food allergies while dining out:

Download a PDF of all dining out resources

Print or email this flyer to let restaurants in your area know about the SafeFARE program.

Download a "Food Allergy Alert" Chef Card

Carrying a "chef card" that outlines the foods you must avoid is a great way to communicate your food allergies to a chef or manager at restaurants. FARE provides an interactive PDF of chef card templates in English and a number of foreign languages to use while traveling or at ethnic food restaurants. 

Ingredient Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Think you know all there is to know about meal ingredients that might turn up in a restaurant? Download the following quiz, put together by Chef Joel Schaefer, to see how much you really know.

Get Your Favorite Restaurant Involved

FARE has created a Volunteer Advocacy Toolkit for individuals to use in promotion of the SafeFARE Restaurant program. This toolkit provides talking points, recommended practices, and follow-up resources to engage restaurants in FARE-supported food allergy training programs. The toolkit helps community members highlight the importance of accommodating diners with food allergies and promotes the business benefits to restaurants when they are trained and listed in the SafeFARE database.

Download the SafeFARE Volunteer Advocacy Toolkit here.

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