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FARE’s Allergy Alert & Ingredient Notices provide information about mislabeled or recalled food, and notifications of ingredient changes from responsible food companies. You can read the latest notices below. If you would like to receive these alerts by email, please sign up here. We also post all notices on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

FARE provides alerts as a service to the food allergy community. FARE is not affiliated with and does not endorse any products listed. 

If you are a food manufacturer who would like to put out an Allergy Alert or Ingredient Notice, please visit our Resources for Food Manufacturers page for more information.  

Allergy Alert Policy
FARE’s Allergy Alerts include food recalls that involve only the FDA-defined top 8 food allergens (milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish), as issued by the FDA, the USDA, or the manufacturer. We do not issue Alerts for non-food items, unless it is a medication that is deemed appropriate to alert our members of through the guidance of our Medical Advisory Board members. We do not issue Alerts for foods or other products, such as cosmetics, that are not regulated by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. If you believe that a product is mislabeled or contaminated, you can find more information on who to contact on our Food Labels page.  

Ingredient Notices
Just because a product was safe the last time you purchased it doesn’t mean the ingredients have stayed the same! It is very important to read all labels all of the time. The food manufacturers on our Ingredient Notices page have recently worked with FARE to provide you with information about changes in their product.


RXBAR is voluntarily recalling a variety of RXBAR flavors due to a potential undeclared peanut allergen.
Shamrock Farms is issuing a voluntary recall of 2% Reduced Fat Vanilla Half Gallon Milk due to undeclared almonds.
Olde York Potato Chips is recalling Clancy's Wavy Potato Chips due to undeclared milk.
Funky Chunky, LLC is recalling the Nutty Choco Pop Gift Box, Holiday Crowd Pleaser and Crowd Pleaser due to undeclared tree nuts.
RXBAR is recalling Chocolate Sea Salt and Coconut Chocolate bars due to a potential undeclared peanut allergen.
Atherstone Foods Inc is recalling the Greens and Grains Hummus and Quinoa Tabouleh Wrap due to undeclared soy.
Moonstruck Chocolate Company is recalling Sea Salt Caramels Tumbled In Milk Chocolate because it may contain undeclared hazelnuts.
Fine Land Corp is recalling its 12 ounce (340 g) Meiqili Durian Candy in plastic bag with clear window because it contains undeclared milk allergens.
Accra Super Market is recalling packages of "Suya Barbecue Seasoning" because it may contain undeclared peanuts.
Danone North America is voluntarily recalling Light & Fit® Greek Crunch Nonfat Yogurt & Toppings S’Mores Flavor due to undeclared peanuts.
Hiland Dairy is announcing a voluntary recall of half-gallon premium whole milk chocolate that may contain egg.
Chukar Cherries of Prosser, WA expands a recall on Ultra Dark Chocolate product because it may contain undeclared milk.

Kwik Trip, Inc. located in La Crosse, WI is recalling Kitchen Cravings Strawberry and Mixed Berry Parfaits in an 8.25 oz. cup because they may contain undeclared traces of cashews or almonds.
Gemini Food Corporation Conducts Voluntary Recall of Imperial Taste Fried Red Onions and Fried Garlic Due to Undeclared Wheat.
Tres Hermanos Bakery of Wyoming, MI is recalling its white Telera and Bolillo Mexican salt breads because they may contain undeclared milk.
Ottogi America, Inc. announced today it is recalling 1lb 5.16 ounce of Jin Ramen Mild and Jin Ramen Spicy due to undeclared egg as an ingredient on the packages.
First Source of Tonawanda, NY, is voluntarily recalling Chocolate and Nut Tray because it contains undeclared tree nuts, pecan and cashew.
Chukar Cherries of Prosser, WA is recalling 7.5oz Amaretto Rainier Chocolate Cherries because they may contain undeclared milk.
Jay Robb Enterprises is recalling Jay Robb Unflavored Egg White Protein Product because it may contain undeclared milk allergen.
Nor Cal Food Solutions, LLC of Auburn, CA is announcing a recall of 567 cases of Pumpkin Pesto Tapenade, manufactured by Purveyors Kitchen, because it contains an undeclared tree nut (walnut).
Recchiuti Confections is issuing an immediate recall for two batches of their Bittersweet Chocolate Bar and two batches of their Feve Chocolate Bar due to a high level of milk allergens.
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk in Wegmans Pumpkin Loaf, 11 oz., and Wegmans Placek Coffee Cake, 11 oz. and 22 oz.
Frito-Lay announced a voluntary recall of select 1/2 oz. bags of Smartfood Delight Sea Salt Flavored popcorn because they were inadvertently filled with cheese flavored tortilla chips that contain undeclared milk ingredients.
Maribel’s Sweets Inc. of Brooklyn, NY is recalling its 2.82oz MarieBelle Japanese Matcha Japanese Green Tea and White Chocolate Bar, Cacao Market by MarieBelle Rosemary Truffle Salt 60% Dark Chocolate Bar, and the Cacao Market by MarieBelle Orange Peels 60% Dark Chocolate Bar, because they may contain undeclared milk allergens.
Shirley’s Cookie Company Inc. of Claysburg, PA, is recalling its 16 ounce packages of "Chocolate Whoopie Pie" because they may contain undeclared peanuts.
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