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How to Advocate

FARE’s goal is to earn decisionmakers’ attention by building relationships. Here’s how we do it—and how you can help.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Our advocates’ efforts are primarily responsible for the progress we’ve made on food allergy awareness and access. And it’s exactly how—one day—we’ll find a cure.

Our advocates make this progress by building relationships with opinion leaders, legislators and other decision makers. We communicate in different ways to build these relationships.

These communications are listed below. Some take just a few minutes to complete. Others require more effort. Whatever time you can contribute, we can use your help.

Writing to Legislators

Emailing lawmakers is the easiest—and the quickest—way to register your opinion on a food allergy issue.

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Meeting with Legislators

Every survey of legislators and their staff says the same thing—meetings are the most effective way to express your views on issues.

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Forming Coalitions

Partnering with like-minded advocates or organizations helps attract more attention to—and build momentum for—our cause.

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Start a Local Advocacy Program Today!

FARE supports a nationwide network of community teams whose members work together to build relationships with local legislators and earn their support for food allergy issues. We can help you start, or join, a team in your area.

Going the Extra Mile

Some advocacy communications require extra time to complete—but have a lasting impact.

Relationship Development

Establishing relationships with decision makers lays the foundation for pursuing public policy objectives that further the food allergy mission.

Legislative Testimony

Providing testimony to a legislative body gives you the unique opportunity to directly affect many different legislators’ decisions at the same time.

Town Hall Meetings with Legislators

Lawmakers hold town meetings to provide a public forum for discussing timely issues or to listen to their constituents’ concerns.

Become An Advocate

Become An Advocate

FARE Advocates build and sustain critical support for the food allergies on the local and national levels by advocating for the most significant public policy issues facing our community. We use our collective voice of 33 million Americans living with potentially life-threatening food allergies to effect change across the country.

Food Allergy Issues

Learn more about current food allergy issues and how you can get involved

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