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My Relationships with Food Allergy

Personal stories and key takeaways for dating with food allergies by the Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

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By Tahlia Bernstein, Thomas Homik, Cassie Jeng, Emily McElroy, Jackson Milone, and Aidan Wilbur

Advice for Food Allergy Relationships

Make sure you know how comfortable your partner is in different situations!

It doesn’t mean they don't care, but some people aren’t as confident in situations with needles (Epi-pens), so you can help them know how they can protect you in other ways!

Find someone that cares so much about you that they will try to protect you at all costs.

If someone isn’t taking your allergies seriously, then they’re not good enough for you.

Establish a plan with your partner so that in the event of an allergic reaction they know what to do.

Tell them how you typically react and teach them what to do (ex. administer epinephrine, call 911) so that they can be more comfortable if something does occur.

Don’t be afraid to mention your food allergies early!

While it can be intimidating to share them with a potential partner, your food allergies are an important part of who you are and any partner will want to know what makes you you.

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