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Webinars & Training November 21, 2018

Building the Village Food Allergy Families Need

FARE Webinar for Schools: K-12

Speaker: Glenna Crooks, PhD

As we’ve heard so often, “it takes a village.” Glenna Crooks, PhD, shows parents a new approach to food allergy management and a new way to become aware of the people in their child’s network. This information can help parents be better prepared to inform their networks, engage support – especially for those times that parents are not there to supervise – and keep track of problems that emerge. The webinar will provide actual tools for parents to use on their own if their child is young, or with the child’s help if the child is older.

About the Presenter

Glenna Crooks, PhD, is a strategist, innovator and trusted counsel to leaders. A former school psychologist who pioneered the earliest Individualized Education Program approaches, she was a Ronald Reagan appointee, global vice president of Merck’s vaccine business, and founder of a global health strategy firm.

Known as a “one-woman think tank,” she has a talent for “organizing chaos” and solving complex problems. In her latest venture, The NetworkSage, she describes a new way to lessen the overwhelm of modern life. Her approach has been honored with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness' Samuel Gee Society award for celiac disease management, and Disruptive Women in Health Care named her a Disruptive Woman to Watch for her work in Alzheimer’s caregiving.

Glenna is a fellow of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neuroscience and Society and a fellow of the Drexel University Center for Population Health and Community Involvement. She is a member of boards focusing on rare diseases, orphan drugs, children’s health, prevention, and biowarfare countermeasures. She received the Congressional Exemplary Service Award for Orphan Products Development and is the first civilian to receive the highest award in public health, the Surgeon General’s Medallion, from C. Everett Koop. She is a mu shin Zen artist, donating her paintings to fundraisers for children with special needs.

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