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FARE Blog June 17, 2020

Father’s Day Fun With Food Allergies

From an outdoor ramble to an at-home movie festival, from dining out to baking in, Father’s Day traditions are made special by the dads we share them with.

Guest post by Teen Advisory Group member Kaia Patel

Kaia Patel and dad

Whether it’s barbecuing, going to a restaurant or having a nice meal at home, Father’s Day is usually packed with activities related to food. But what if you have food allergies? In this blog, you will find recipes that you can make that are top-8 allergen-free. You will also hear about a lot of fun activities that you can share with your father and family during Father’s Day.

One activity that is highly recommended is to go out and enjoy nature. Go for a bike ride or a nice walk with your dad. Even though many of us are on stay-at home orders this year due to COVID-19, you can still have a really fun Father’s Day.

Another activity to try this Father’s Day is a family movie night. You can watch all of your family’s favorite movies with a bowl of popcorn right next to you. 

Even though food allergies can get in the way of going out to eat, you can still make plenty of food at home. Have you ever tried the Apple Blueberry Tapioca Pudding from KidsWithFoodAllergies.org? It is a delicious recipe that is free of most of the top allergens. Another delicious treat you can make on Father’s Day is an apple pie. Even though many apple pies (and pies in general) contain wheat all-purpose flour, there are a lot of wheat-free flour substitutes. Or, you could try one of the summer recipes on the FARE website

Every Father’s Day, my family and I go out to eat at a restaurant. My dad loves Thai food, so we usually end up going to a Thai restaurant. Even though I can feel anxious sometimes going out to eat since I have severe milk, peanut and tree nut allergies, I always feel better knowing I at least tried to fight past my anxiety. We always double check with the chef to make sure everything is safe for me. 

After dinner on Father’s Day, we always have some cake. Most of the time, cake at the store has dairy, so I end up baking a lot. That is one of the positives of having allergies: you are a lot more comfortable around the kitchen. 

My dad has always been supportive of my allergies. Whether it is double checking the ingredients on food and making sure with the chef that everything is free of my allergens, he is always keeping me safe in whatever I do and eat. I am really looking forward to Father’s Day this year!

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