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FARE Blog June 26, 2021

FARE Brings the Importance of Community Perspective to Drug Development Meeting This July

To help drive the development of new biologic food allergy therapies, FARE is partnering with, and presenting at, the Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit.

When the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education and Research (FASTER) Act of 2021 was signed into law in April, adding sesame to federal allergen labeling requirements, we celebrated the power of patients’ voices to motivate leaders and achieve our goals. Next month, FARE will be discussing the importance of food allergy patient perspectives with a new audience that can create transformational change for our community.

FARE is partnering with, and presenting at, the Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit, to be held virtually, July 20-22. The Summit will bring together large pharma, innovative biotech and academic researchers with the goal of overcoming the unique drug development challenges involved in turning promising food allergy biologics into clinical and commercial realities.

Summit sessions and workshops will highlight technological innovations, clinical research strategies, patient input during drug development, and professional opportunities to connect and build relationships. Among the featured presenters are FARE’s Anita Roach, MS, Vice President of Community Access and Education, who will participate in a panel on how listening to the voice of the patients early can support drug development success, and Dr. Tom Casale, Chief Medical Advisor to the FARE Clinical Network and FARE Patient Registry, who will discuss how the nationwide FARE Clinical Network of top food allergy centers can lead clinical trials.

Also speaking is FARE Clinical Network researcher Dr. Edwin Kim of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. FARE has helped fund Dr. Kim’s promising research on peanut sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), which we reported earlier this year.

Among the companies joining FARE at the Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit are Aimmune, Allergy Therapeutics, Camallergy, Intrommune, Vedanta Biosciences, Angany, Allero Therapeutics & Siolta Therapeutics. We’re excited to take part in this event that will leverage FARE’s knowledge of the patient experience and collaboration on large-scale research efforts to drive the development of new biologic food allergy therapies.

Last year’s approval of a breakthrough treatment for peanut allergy is an important first step, but more therapies are needed to improve the lives of 32 million Americans with this increasingly prevalent, life-changing, and potentially life-threatening disease. FARE is committed to expanding research opportunities to develop new, effective treatments for all food allergy patients, and we are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking discussion. For more information more about Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit programming and to register for this unique meeting of leaders in pharma, biotech and research, click here. Apply the code FARE10 at checkout for a 10 percent discount on registration.

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