Preschool and Early Child Care Food Allergy Training

Speaker: Gina Clowes

Monday, September 24, 2018

Is your preschooler SAFE at SCHOOL? Did you know that preschool and day care children with food allergies are at highest risk of an allergic reaction while at school? Over 60% of reactions at school occur in preschool and daycare settings. Learn how to protect these vulnerable children by watching this presentation by FARE’s National Director of Training and Outreach, Gina Clowes. In this webinar, Gina provides preschool and early child care staff with a foundation of knowledge to successfully manage food allergies, avoid exposure to allergens and to recognize and respond to food allergy emergencies.

Gina Clowes

Gina Clowes is the National Director of Training for Food Allergy Research & Education. She is the former Program Director for a Centers of Disease Control initiative where she developed educational tools and trained on the national guidelines for food allergy management in schools. She currently serves on an international panel developing evidenced-based global guidelines for food allergy management in schools. A well-known speaker and trainer her advice has appeared in numerous print, radio, and television features including CNN, People magazine and ABC World News. She writes a regular column, The Parenting Coach, for Allergic Living Magazine and is the author of the best-selling children's book One of the Gang: Nurturing the Souls of Children with Food Allergies.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.