Advocacy Action Center

Take action and share your story


This is a list of our current calls to action for our advocates at FARE.  They will be updated as issues arise, and FARE advocates will have the opportunity to share their stories with legislators and regulators.  Please make sure you are signed up as a FARE advocate to receive email alerts about potential advocacy actions.

Demand Access to Life Saving Epinephrine Auto Injectors 

Make sure your voice is heard!  Tell Congress that Epinephrine saves lives, and that it must be affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it.

NY A10031A, Elijah's Bill

Last year, bills were introduced in the New York legislature that would enact Elijah’s Law, requiring all early child care service providers across the state to adopt food allergy guidelines.  FARE continues to advocate for these bills and has worked with several legislators to ensure they have an understanding of the importance of these measures.  If you live in New York, please voice your support for this legislation .