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Corporate Partnerships Policy

FARE welcomes partnerships with companies that have an interest in supporting FARE’s mission and the food allergy community. Corporate partners act as an integral part of FARE’s mission to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments.

FARE’s relationships with sponsors both advance FARE’s mission and assist companies in reaching their philanthropic goals, building employee morale and engaging with the food allergy community.

No sponsorship will be considered that is inconsistent with FARE’s policies, standards and positions.

  • FARE does not support marketing programs or other fundraising ideas that fall outside the scope of our core fundraising activities or are inconsistent with our mission or privacy policies.

  • FARE does not participate in marketing programs or other fundraising endeavors that require FARE to email FARE’s donors/volunteers.

  • FARE does not work with any sponsors who sell tobacco or firearms.

  • FARE does not participate in any unsanctioned games of chance (lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, or drawings).

  • FARE does not participate in any sale of products, tickets or services done solely by telephone.

For the avoidance of doubt, FARE does NOT endorse companies, products or services, and strictly prohibits any suggestion of endorsement, recommendation, or superiority of one company, product, or service over another company, product or service.

FARE does not review, test, or sponsor any products or services that may appear on FARE’s website. Any external links are provided for convenience only and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity, or any product or service.

FARE’s online platforms, including but not limited to, its online social media presence are reserved for information regarding FARE’s direct mission programs. FARE does not post general information about FARE’s partners unless it relates directly to efforts surrounding FARE’s mission programs.

FARE has the right to refuse any sponsorship request and terminate any sponsorship.

Health Care Providers

FARE welcomes Health Care Providers to participate as sponsors of FARE’s events and are pleased to offer them the opportunity to provide materials promoting their practice. All promotional materials should provide general information only, and must adhere to the evidence-based practices espoused by FARE. Please note that FARE follows the recommendations set forth in the NIAID Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States. As such, materials that promote the following services are not permitted:

  • Unproven diagnostic tests, such as those listed here:

  • Oral immunotherapy conducted outside of a clinical trial setting

    Health Care Providers must provide all materials intended for use at the event to FARE for our internal review two weeks prior to the event date. Materials that have not been reviewed and approved in advance will not be permitted.

Food Sampling

FARE events are not food free. However, FARE strives to create a food allergy friendly environment at all of our events. The allowance of food sampling and sampling guidelines vary depending on the event.

Food sampling guidelines and protocols will be provided in conjunction with the event.

Logo Usage

With a mutually agreed upon arrangement of support, financial, in-kind and/or volunteer commitment, FARE may or may not allow for use of its service marks or logos.

Charitable Co-venture (Portion of Proceeds)

Co-venture guidelines dictate that, like other charities, FARE can only accept a portion/percentage of proceeds from the sale of a product with a contract outlining the following:

  • Duration of charitable fundraiser;
  • Minimum financial commitment to the mission;
  • Specific project or program the company is supporting;
  • The exact percentage/dollar amount that will support the mission.

Better Business Bureau Cause Marketing Disclosure Guidelines

Third Party Publications

In general, FARE does not review, sell or promote third-party publications. For those interested in offering a portion of proceeds from the sale of their publication or reviewing a list of sponsorship opportunities, please email

Partnership with Sporting Events and Event Venues

The medical community assesses a low risk of severe allergic reaction due to airborne or skin exposure in an environment like a stadium or event venue. FARE understands that despite reassurances from the medical community, the anxiety and stress that may be caused from being in a setting with a known allergen present can make it impossible for individuals to enjoy their experience.

With this in mind, FARE makes information about these events available to the public and partners with communities who hold peanut-sensitive and peanut-aware events across the country.

FARE does not play a role in the organization or policing of activity at these events. FARE does not offer stadium preparation guidelines for these games. Each stadium may use different preparation practices and FARE encourages individuals to reach out directly to the venue to learn more about their efforts.

Social Media Policy

FARE’s online platforms are reserved for information regarding FARE’s mission programs. We do not post general information about FARE’s partners or products unless it relates directly to efforts surrounding our mission programs.

Linking Policy

If your company would like to explore a partnership with FARE, please contact us at .