FARE Connecticut Fall Luncheon

A benefit for Food Allergy Research & Education

Join Us!

We invite you to join us for the 2019 FARE Connecticut Fall Luncheon to benefit Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE).

More than an opportunity for the local food allergy community to come together, the Connecticut Fall Luncheon plays a vital role in enabling FARE to invest in promising therapies, develop life-changing initiatives and advocate on behalf of the 32 million children and adults with food allergies. We hope you will join us for an inspiring event.


Lisa Gable
Chief Executive Officer, FARE

Stephanie Eisenbarth, MD, PhD
FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Grant Recipient
Yale School of Medicine


Hillary Carter, Sophie Dowling, Julie Karish and Katie Rogers


Jenny Andjelkovic


Heather Benn, Wendy Block, Scottie Bonadio, Stephanie Chawla, Kelly Clifford, Lauren Coale, Liz Dagnino, Nancy Dearing, Deborah Findley, Michaele Giannoutsos, Jami Goldman, Victoria Gonzalez, Anne Gray, Antoinette Griffith, Aria Hattiangadi, Debbie Hires, Lisa Hofmeister, Cathy Holligan, Michelle Horgan, Helen Jaffe, Cathy Jefferson, Brooke Jepsen, Jamie Kesmodel, Elizabeth Kessler, Renuka Khera, Alix Korpan, Neha Leih, Lindy Lilien, Amanda Lynch, Sarah McLellan, Jennifer Miller, Kate Minchin, Cara Moore, Katy Pagnani, Bela Patel, Alexandra Portner, Candace Procaccini, Kendra Raine, Whitney Lucas Rosenberg, Stacey Saiontz, Heather Schimenti, Tracy Schmidt, Jessica Schur, Maria Sette, Brandy Solinsky, Jane Sorensen, Jennie Stone, Amy Sullivan, Julie Sweeney, Catherine Tompkins, Ciara Trickett, Katie Tricot, Mina Tulchinsky, Jill Vollmer, Jocelyn Walls, Libby Welch, Michele Wolfram, Lori Zych