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TAG Members Take on the World: Parts I & II

Part 1: Wednesday, January 6 at 4 pm ET | Part 2: Saturday, January 9 at 11 am ET

FARE's Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is our voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community. TAG members write articles for the FARE Blog and other publications, serve as mentors, offer support for other teens who are seeking guidance, and help guide our youth programs.

Every year TAG members work online and in their local communities to educate, inspire and connect. Join us for this two-part webinar series to hear how these inspirational teens are improving the lives of those with food allergies. 

In Part I, You’ll Hear From: 

Jake – Art to End Hunger for Those With Food Allergies
Annika – #GotYourBack Initiative
Teresa – Save a Life: The Epinephrine Auto-Injector Song
Diya – Protect A Life Dance Marathon

In Part II, You’ll Hear From:

Chad – Musical Event for Food Allergies
Mia – Food Challenges
Kealani – The Portrayal of Food Allergies in Entertainment
Alia – Food-Allergic Teens Website
Rachel – Securing Safe Food
Anne – Airlines and Allergies

About the Speakers


Rachel Brooks, 18

"My food allergies have inspired me not only to serve the food allergic community but also to forge connections within this community. Through FARE, I have had the privilege of conversing with other students who understand the highs and lows of navigating allergies—and of collaborating with these students to initiate sustainable change. Founding and spearheading the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Securing Safe Food was the natural result of this privilege: Having food allergies is something unavoidable in my life, but I aim to take this unavoidability until it blossoms, reshaping and reshuffling the inevitable, broadening access to safe food through advocacy, and thriving on the bonds of teamwork."


Diya Chabria, 17

"The best part about having food allergies is being able to stand up for yourself and others in any situation."


Jake DeGuzman, 16

"The best thing about having food allergies is you learn how to cook and bake your own food. I eat mostly natural, fresh, and unprocessed."


Sydney Hankin

"In my opinion, the best thing about having food allergies is all the cooking that I get to do. My allergies have forced my family and me to cook together and to make cooking an everyday routine in our lives, and I am so appreciative of that - as it is now one of my #1 favorite things to do!"


Teresa Hooker, 16

An amazing sister of a teen with food allergies.


Kealani Nickles, 16

“My favorite thing about having food allergies is being able to be part of an amazing community with FARE and TAG.”


Annika Santhanam, 15

“The best thing about having food allergies is being able to have access to FARE resources and have opportunities to advocate for food allergy awareness and for the food allergic community. My food allergies have enabled me to not only gain connections to many like-minded peers, but I have also been able to help support the millions of people with food allergies through advocating at Capitol Hill and founding my own support initiative and food allergy management app to help others.”


Chad Seals, 15

“[The best thing about having food allergies is] I get to meet people with food allergies and have something in common.”

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