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Kara Smith

Food Allergy Mom

My son Andrew had a lot of digestive problems soon after he was born. He had colic, acid reflux and eczema that resulted in open sores and a balding head full of scabs because he couldn't stop rubbing and scratching.

One day, when he was 8 months old, we were out to lunch with family. I gave Andrew a small handful of cheese puffs. He immediately broke out in hives around his mouth and on his hands where he had held the cheese puffs. We gave him a dose of antihistamine, washed his mouth and hands and took him home. About two hours later he started to wheeze and he looked like he was about to get sick. My husband grabbed him and put him in the car to take him to the emergency room 20 minutes away.

I sat in the back seat with my son while my husband was driving about 90 miles an hour. Andrew became very white and his lips started to look almost purple. I will never forget the way his eyes rolled up in his head and how his body just became limp in his car seat. I started to scream, "Baby, please wake up for mommy!" over and over again. I unbuckled my seatbelt and put my face up to his lips and felt very faint breathing, almost nothing. I begged him to breathe while crying hysterically over him.

To this day I can't tell you why or how but his breathing slowly started to get stronger. He slowly opened his eyes and looked right at me. By the time we exited the freeway five minutes later he was starting to get his color back. He was rushed right in and every test came back strong. He was okay. I can only thank God for what happened because they couldn't explain how he came out of it on his own except that he was one hell of a fighter. We had blood drawn and tested and he came back allergic to egg, milk, peanut, wheat, soy and banana.

My son is now a thriving 8–year-old who has thankfully outgrown peanut, soy and wheat. He continues to be allergic to milk and egg and still will develop hives and swell if his skin comes into contact with them.

My son has missed out on parties with friends, school events focused around food, field trips with his class to the farm and zoo. That said we have an amazing support system: family, friends, teachers and students who have grown with Andrew and understand what he is all about. To these people who help my son live a happy and healthy I am eternally grateful.


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