True Stories - Danielle

Danielle M., age 17

Tree Nut, Milk, and More

Danielle and her younger sister Lauren are allergic to nine foods – from tree nuts to milk, red meat to bananas.

Ever since her family experienced the terror of Lauren’s anaphylactic reaction at a restaurant, dining out in their home state of Rhode Island hasn’t been an option.

When they began to frequent restaurants in Massachusetts because of their father’s job, Danielle was surprised to find out that restaurants were able to accommodate their food allergies. That’s because the state of Massachusetts had passed a restaurant food allergy awareness law that requires restaurant staff to complete food allergy training.

Danielle went to work, recognizing a need for a similar law in Rhode Island. She enlisted the support of a state senator, who was eager to help a young girl with a mission. Danielle eventually testified before a Senate sub-committee, and the legislation passed the Senate in a unanimous vote, followed by passage in the House several weeks later.

Danielle’s efforts led to the passage of the Food Allergy Awareness Bill, which is modeled after the Massachusetts law.

Last year, Danielle was the recipient of FARE’s first Food Allergy Youth Innovation Award, given to a high school student who has undertaken innovative projects or initiatives that have helped individuals managing food allergies live safely or more comfortably.

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