Ben & Jen Drewes

Food Allergy Parents

I have lived with food allergies to eggs, fish, tree nuts, avocados, and buckwheat for most of my life. While my wife Jen does not have allergies herself, she helps manage my life threatening food allergies as well those of our son, Preston. Now four years old, Preston suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction to milk contained inside a bottle of formula when he was four months.

Because of Jen we are able to forget at times that we have food allergies. Up until I married her in 2006, I had never had cake, cookies, pancakes, or many other foods. While she would have never claimed to be a good cook, she has now become a skilled chef at creating meals for our family that many would consider impossible due to the limitation of ingredients. Restaurants are not an option for us, but she makes it easy to forget with the great meals she creates.

Her efforts go well beyond our household. She has become an active educator through her connections on Facebook and her following of over 2,000 Pinterest followers who seek out her vetted finds for good food substitutes and recipes. Preston's preschool has had her come in to educate both their staff and student teachers from the local college. She has also worked with them to help create school policies around addressing the needs (and concerns) related to kids with food allergies.

It will be many years before our son Preston realizes everything she has done for him to keep him safe and to help him steer around all of the obstacles that food allergies can create. I, on the other hand, am old enough to know what an asset she is to our family and recognize all that she does for us. This true story is praise for those, in particular my wife, who support those of us who suffer with food allergies - thank you!

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