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Webinar Archive: Emergency Services

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The recorded webinars below are on the topic of emergency services and treatment of anaphylaxis. 

Archived Webinars

Emergency Treatment of Anaphylaxis: Trends in Care and Steps to Improve It Among EMS Agencies and Hospitals
Speakers: Jen Jobrack and Jon Nolan
Wednesday, July 15, 1 p.m. ET

In 2014, FARE convened representatives from two dozen leading organizations, institutions and medical facilities for the Emergency Management of Anaphylaxis Summit in Chicago. The results of the summit include recommendations that address understanding of anaphylaxis among those at risk and the general public, as well as recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis by pre-hospital and emergency department personnel. Speakers will present key findings from the summit, as well as follow-up activities underway, and share how you can support these efforts.

Jen Jobrack is the Senior National Director of Advocacy at FARE. She manages the state, municipal, and industry-specific policy portfolio focused on the inclusion and safety of people with food allergies. Current campaigns include access to epinephrine in schools, college and university preparedness for students with food allergies, and restaurant accommodations, among others. Jen works with and staffs a national coalition of advocates, public officials and industry leaders on best practices in legislation, strategy and implementation.

Jon Nolan is a Paramedic/Medical Services Officer with King County Medic One. He is currently assigned to the Seattle/King County Public Health Emergency Medical Service’s Division managing BLS Training activities in King County, WA. and has been with King County for the past 18 years. He received his Paramedic certification from Tacoma Community College in 1996 and the University of Washington’s Paramedic Training Program at Harborview Medical Center in 1997 and is working on his B.S. in Business Administration. After starting his medical career in the Air Force as a Medical Service Specialist and Instructor for the Medical Service Specialist program, Jon has worked and taught in various healthcare settings including; in-hospital, pre-hospital, military, civilian, volunteer firefighter and private ambulance, hospital based and third service EMS programs.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.


Food Allergy, Anaphylaxis & the 911 Lottery
Speaker: Judi Miller
Wednesday, June 4, 1 p.m. ET

Picture the scene. You, or your child, are experiencing symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. You go to grab your auto-injector from your purse and it’s not there. After a moment of panic, your pull out your cell phone instead and call 911. The dispatchers reassure you an ambulance is on its way. Everything’s going to be OK. Right?

This webinar will take a look at some of the issues of epinephrine availability and administration by EMS providers, including the legislation, guidance documents, and some individual state initiatives. Results from a recent survey of almost 1,000 pre-hospital caregivers will also be presented. Finally, it will provide some tips to help you navigate the 911 lottery.

Judi Miller is a registered nurse, EMT and EMS educator. She is a co-author of the 2013 publication: “Customizing Anaphylaxis Guidelines for Emergency Medicine” and a tireless advocate for ensuring that all ambulances and emergency medicine personnel are authorized to carry and administer epinephrine.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.