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Each year on February 14, friends and loved ones share cards, candy, gifts and flowers with their favorite Valentines. Holidays like Valentine’s Day can create heightened risk for exposure to food allergens, especially for children participating in classroom activities, and this added stress can make it hard for families managing food allergies to enjoy the celebration. FARE wants to help you and your child stay safe this Valentine’s Day with the resources and tips below.

Valentine’s Day Tips:

  • Prepare: Talk to your child’s teacher and classmates about the importance of having a celebration that ensures the safety and inclusion of ALL students, including those with food allergies. Events like Valentine’s Day are a great opportunity to teach adults and kids in the class about food labels and how to read them.
  • Practice: Come up with phrases your child is comfortable using to politely decline food treats.
  • Prevent: Make sure you and your child remain vigilant about reading labels and never take a chance with foods you’re not sure are safe.

Kids’ Activities:

Parents’ Guide:

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