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Summertime is full of fun, freedom, and friends. Without the schedule and structure of the school year, it can be a time of heightened risk for those with food allergies. FARE wants to help you stay safe during the summer months with the resources and tips below. 

Summer Safety Tips

    1. Avoid the heat: Epinephrine is sensitive to light and should be stored at room temperature. Never leave your auto-injectors in a vehicle, where temperatures can rise to the triple digits. 
    2. Prevent: Make sure you remain vigilant about reading labels and never take chances with foods you're unsure are safe.
    3. Prepare: Summer is a great time to prepare for the school year, including learning how to advocate for your child and about the guidelines and laws that help ensure the safety and inclusion of students with food allergies. 
    4. Practice: Using a trainer or expired auto-injector, practice how to use the device. Review your Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan with the entire family and all caregivers.

Emergency Preparedness


Summer Camp


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