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FARE hosts free educational webinars designed to help you live life well with food allergies. Each month, we feature leading experts discussing the topics related to food allergy that you most want to hear about. FARE Members have the benefit of advanced registration for each webinar. 

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All of FARE's webinars are recorded and posted on our website to serve as an educational resource. Click to view our available webinars on the following topics:


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Advocacy 101: How to Influence Policies and Improve Lives
Speaker: Jennifer Jobrack and Jon Hoffman
Wednesday, June 21, 1 p.m. ET

How many times have you heard yourself say “There ought to be a law” or “Boy, that’s a dumb law”? Do you want to change a policy in your town or state, or even nationally? Be an advocate! Advocacy is the process of influencing a government's practices on behalf of an idea or a group of people. An advocate's actions must be focused, informed and strategic. To do this, an advocate should understand the process by which political change takes place. Come learn the basics of how to impact policies that affect the food allergy community. Learn about resources available from FARE that can help you to take your message to legislators. You will have an opportunity to ask questions of FARE’s advocacy team.

About the Presenters

Jennifer JobrackJennifer Jobrack, Senior National Director of Advocacy for FARE, manages the state, municipal and industry-specific policy portfolio focused on the inclusion and safety of people with food allergies. Recent campaigns include access to epinephrine in schools, public places and airplanes; college and university preparedness for students with food allergies; restaurant accommodations; food labeling; and improving the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. Jen works with national coalitions of advocates, public officials and industry leaders on best practices in legislation, strategy and implementation.

Jon HoffmanJon Hoffman joined FARE in August 2016 as the Associate Director of Advocacy. He brings four years of experience in the digital advocacy realm, leading campaigns and utilizing new media to motivate and direct advocates to make their voices heard with legislators and regulators. Jon is working to expand FARE’s online capabilities and enhance the tools that advocates use to share their stories and encourage the passage of new legislation.

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