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FARE hosts free educational webinars designed to help you live life well with food allergies. Each month, we feature leading experts discussing the topics related to food allergy that you most want to hear about. FARE Members have the benefit of advanced registration for each webinar. 

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Safe and Sound: Relationships, Dating and Intimacy Challenges
Associated with Having Severe Food Allergies
Speakers: Kristen Kauke

In this webinar, viewers will be provided a framework for maintaining healthy relationships while navigating life with severe food allergies.

  • To review foundational components of a healthy relationship.
  • To review essential conversations to have within a healthy relationship regarding a person’s food allergy.
  • To focus on adult relationships, while highlighting special challenges teens and young adults might face.

Dr. GreenKristen Kauke is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who also happens to parent two boys with life threatening food allergies, as well as live with food allergies herself.

Kristen’s dozen years of clinical experience includes therapy with clients of all ages. She has provided individual, family, couples and group counseling in both private and school settings.

Additionally, Kristen has presented and written on the topics of coping with anxiety, and resolving conflict in relationships as it relates to living with life threatening food allergies. She has penned three books, her most recent, Growing Up Ben, is written in the form of a mother’s letters to her son, and follows a family’s developmental process through anxiety and restricted living to autonomy and intentional living. The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.