New York Spring Luncheon

An afternoon event featuring lunch, a grand raffle, silent auction and program about the latest in food allergy news to benefit FARE

20th Anniversary FARE NY Spring Luncheon

NY Luncheon Co-Chairs

On behalf of all of us at FARE, thank you for your support of the 20th Anniversary FARE NY Spring Luncheon. More than an opportunity for local supporters to come together, the New York Spring Luncheon plays a vital role in enabling FARE to invest in promising therapies, develop life-changing initiatives and advocate on behalf of the 32 million children and adults with food allergies.

During this year's luncheon, we were pleased to honor two talented and passionate women, Jamie Malkin and Sarah Kugelman (pictured above), both of whom are food allergy moms committed to advocacy for their children and all children who have life-threatening food allergies. We were also excited to be able to present our Fireside Chat as part of the program, which fostered an important discussion about the future of food as well as innovation in food allergy research and science. Additionally, we paid tribute to Harriette Rose Katz whose friendship and commitment to FARE's mission was instrumental to the success of the spring luncheon for the last 15 years.  

Growing recognition of the food allergy epidemic and advances in biomedical research have brought us to a time with great potential for change. We could not be more excited about the opportunities ahead in the lives of food allergic people and families. Thank you for joining us to positively impact the food allergy landscape

We extend our sincerest thanks to those who contributed to the success of the Chicago Spring Luncheon. 

Fireside Chat

Moderated by Rob Reid, best-selling author and host of the series, After On, Rob was joined by the featured panelists below for a discussion in the future of food, as well as innovation in food allergy research and science.

Rob Reid

Rob Reid
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Novelist

 Hitesh Hajarnavis
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
VG Growth Partners

Dick Insel

Dick Insel
Global Head, Healthy Baby Initiative, World Without Disease Accelerator,
Global External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson 

Ruslan Medzhitov

Ruslan Medzhitov
Director of the Food Allergy Science Initiative at the Broad Institute 
Sterling Professor of Immunobiology at Yale University School of Medicine
Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator

Guests of Honor 

Sarah Kugelman
Jamie Malkin 

Master of Ceremonies         

Luca Padovan, TV Actor, Broadway Performer


Julie Ader, Liana Silverstein Backal, Laura Tisch Broumand, Talia Day, Helen Jaffe, Roslyn Jaffe, Nicole Lenner, Lianne Mandelbaum, Amie Rappoport McKenna, Melissa Rosenbloom, Stacey Saiontz


Antoinette Griffith, Jennifer Hoine, Stephanie Leichter, Anna Yaeger

Event Advisory Chair

Harriette Rose Katz and the Gourmet Advisory Services Team

Benefit Committee

Patty Albert, Brenda Appelbaum, Debbie August, Brenda Axelrod, Jamie Baron, Lori Berke, Heather Brown, Sari Canell, Malaak Compton-Rock, Alice DiMarzio, Elisabeth Domansky, Rachel Drori, Mindy Fleder, Shawn Frankel, Kathy Franklin, Sarah Gitlin, Jolie Goldring, Kim Hartman, Allison Hechler, Timi Hecker, Elizabeth Hecker, Marla Helene, Lisa Jacobs, Wendy Hakim Jaffe, Freddi Kadden, Beth Klein, Lisa Askenase Konsker, Mara Kraushaar, Holly Kroft, Nancy Lascher, Julie Leff, Haley Lehman, Jackie Leopold, Dawn Levy-Weinstein, Jamie Lichtenberg, Alyssa Lipton, Chris Mack, Karen Mandelbaum, Sharyn Mann, Natalie Mashaal, Diana Meyers, Melissa Meyers, Shari Moss, Rebecca Nazar, Noreen Okarter, Roxanne Palin, Lana Platin, Kim Raimondi, Liz Rappaport, Allison Rubler, Jennifer Fisherman Ruff, Kelly Sacks, Marcy Sakhai, Bette Saltzman, Kim Seehrman, Michelle Silberstein, Suzi Stadler, Carole Steele, Julie Stein, Megan Walsh

Junior Committee Ambassador

Isaac Lenner

Junior Committee

Sophia Ader, Amanda Backal, Carly Bernstein, Kelsey Bloom, Alex Brown, Spencer Brown, Casey Dubofsky, Ashley Ellsworth, Maggie Ellsworth, Griffin Frankel, Amanda Hansel, Danielle Hansel, Jessica Hansel, Charlie Hoine, Acki Kitay, Isabelle Kitay, Brendon Kohn, Ethan Kohn, Maya Konoff, Alex Leichter, Ethan Lenner, Ally Lipkin, Benjamin Lipkin, Jordyn Lipkin, Cooper Lipton, Georgia Rappaport, Harrison Rocheville, Morgan Romo, Lexi Rosenbloom, Elliott Saiontz, Jared Saiontz, Miller Siegel, David Stulberger, Michael Stulberger, Rachel Stulberger, Rebecca Stulberger, Will Winchester, Jack Zilkha

The Junior Committee is comprised of enthusiastic volunteers ages 12 – 18 who support FARE’s mission and lend their talents onsite at the event.