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Resources for Parents

FARE has a variety of resources designed to help parents of children with food allergies manage this potentially life-threatening medical condition, and work to increase awareness of food allergies as a serious public health issue. Whether your child has just been diagnosed, is headed off to college, or somewhere in between, the resources below can help you ensure your child is safe and included, and can live well with food allergies.  

Managing Food Allergies

Has your child just been diagnosed with food allergy? Download “Your Food Allergy Field Guide” to get started.

Food Allergy Basics
It’s important to start at the beginning. Learn more about what exactly a food allergy is and find links to important topics such as symptoms, diagnosis and testing, and treatment and managing reactions.

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Learning how to prevent, recognize and treat anaphylaxis is critical to being prepared in an emergency.

Living with Food Allergies
Smart food allergy management strategies and connecting with others who are managing food allergies every day can help you feel more in control and alleviate some of the stress associated with managing food allergies. Read True Stories of individuals and families who are managing food allergies, connect with a support group in your area, and find tips for managing food allergies day-to-day.

Talking to Children About Their Food Allergies
Through clear communication, you can help your child understand what it means to have a food allergy and how to stay safe. Check out tips, tools, and resources for how to talk to your child about a food allergy. 
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Be a PAL: Protect A Life™ From Food Allergies Program
This program can be used to help children learn how to be a good friend to children with food allergies. Talk to your child's teacher, scout troop leader, youth group leader, or coach about presenting the Be a PAL program.
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Taking Care of Yourself
Whether you have a food allergy or you care for someone who does, remember – it’s important to take care of yourself. These tips will help you find support and reduce stress and anxiety.

Helping Your Child Find An Allergy-Friendly College
Going off to college means new friends, new experiences, and new environments. Don’t let your child’s food allergies hold them back. Visit the FARE Food Allergy College Search Beta to browse schools and learn about their food allergy accommodations and policies. The FARE Food Allergy College Search Beta tool is the nation’s only comprehensive source of food allergy accommodations for colleges.
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You can also learn more about managing food allergies in different environments:

At Home
Learn how to create a safe home and how to communicate with child care providers – from the babysitter to grandparents.

At School
Find resources for creating a safe environment and a successful experience at elementary, middle and high schools, as well as information about existing state and national school food allergy guidelines.
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At Camp
Be prepared for a fun, safe summer with information about how to manage food allergies at camp.
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At College
Going off to college means new friends, new experiences, and new environments. Whether you’re prepping your applications or gearing up for college graduation, learn more about managing your food allergies on campus.
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Dining Out
With the right precautions, you can enjoy dining out at restaurants. Learn about communicating with food service professionals, chef cards and more.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, careful planning can help take the stress out of travel.

Additionally, FARE has a variety of resources available for free and for purchase. To download materials for free, please visit our Most Popular Resources page. To learn more about the books, brochures and other resources sold by FARE, please visit our online store

Get Involved

An important part of managing and living well with food allergies is connecting with other families who are in the same situation, and working together to help raise awareness of the disease. FARE holds a variety of educational, awareness and fundraising events and programs throughout the country that bring food allergy families together to further our shared mission. Contact your Regional Office for more information about the events happening in and near your community. You can also learn, share and connect with other families by joining a support group in your area. 

We will continue to update and add new resources to this section on an ongoing basis. Do you have suggestions about additional resources you’d like to see added to our site? Please use the Contact Us form to send us your suggestions.