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FARE Food Allergy College Search is an online tool highlighting college and university's food allergy and celiac disease accommodations, and we’re hoping you’ll help contribute to this important effort. This new search tool helps prospective students and parents search and review information about each college and university allowing them to make informed decisions about selecting schools and how to manage their food allergies once on campus.

For a limited time, schools that register for the search tool are also eligible to receive free dining services training. Follow the steps below to register for the search tool and email Kristi Grim at to register for training. 


Access to register for the FARE Food Allergy College Search is temporarily suspended while we complete an update. It will be back by September 8th.

In the meantime, you can prepare to register your school by completing steps one through three below.

  1. Complete FARE’s Food Allergy Dining Audit. You may also wish to download Addendum A to assist you with section 6 of the audit.
    • Your completed audit will not be made publically available. This is a tool to help you evaluate and accurately answer the survey questions.
    • You do not need to have yes responses for every question on the audit to have a great listing in the FARE College Search tool. In fact, most colleges and universities will not be able to answer yes to everything.
  2. Gather answers to FARE’s Campus Life questions
    • These questions address things like housing, disability services and emergency response on campus, so you may need to engage some other departments in providing accurate information.
  3. Review the complete list of survey questions in advance here.
    • The survey is a roll up of the audit questions, so you won’t need to enter all of the audit data online. You will still need to validate the questions via the paper-version of the audit.
      • For example, the survey will say “Do you have procedures in place to lower the risk of cross-contact for short-order stations? Use sections 2, 3 and 6 of the FARE dining services audit to answer this question.” You will need to have completed sections 2, 3 and 6 of the audit before answering this question, but only your response to this question will show online, not your actual data from the audit.

For questions or additional help, please email