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FARE College Food Allergy Program Committees

Committees of expert stakeholders have provided key input for the development of the College Food Allergy Program.

Access Services Guidance Committee

Jonathan Abernathy, M.S.Ed. (co-chair)
Laura Patey, M.Ed. (co-chair)
Joanne Clinch, MD
Scott Lissner
James Long, J.D.
Gemini McCasland, Esq.
Kristie Orr, Ph.D. 
Sarah Wilson-Merriman


Student & Parent Advisory Committee

Lily Roth (co-chair)
Anne Thompson (co-chair)
Janet Atwater
Melissa Engel
Daniel Kadden
Nancy Popkin
Carlo Steinman

Dining Services Guide Committee

Stacy Lofton (co-chair)
Joel Schaefer, CCC (co-chair)
Terri Brownlee
Kathryn Egan
Jennifer Ignacio
Ruth Sullivan, M.S.Ed., RD, CDN
Christopher Toote, Ph.D.
Bob Volpi
Beth Winthrop, MS, RD, CNSC
Kathryn Whiteside