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FARE College Food Allergy Program

FARE launched the College Food Allergy Program in January 2014 with the goal of developing a comprehensive program to improve the safety and quality of life for college students with food allergies. Program highlights include:

  • Institutional education opportunities for college and university staff in disability services, dining services, and resident life
  • The creation of standard guidelines that will help colleges and universities support students with food allergies in post-secondary education settings
  • Register your school with the FARE Food Allergy College Search Beta, which showcases your food allergy efforts to potential students and their parents. 
  • Student materials, including student educational guides and student group development resources, provided to enhance the college experience for those with food allergies

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In 2014, FARE partnered with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, the National Association of College & University Food Services, food allergy experts, and stakeholders from colleges and universities to help determine needs, set goals and guide the direction of the program. The research phase of the program began with two college summits bringing together experts from over 65 schools and organizations to discuss a comprehensive best practice guide that would be essential to helping colleges and universities effectively manage food allergy. Following the summits, committees consisting of college and university representatives, expert stakeholders, parents, and students offered additional insight and review for the guidelines.

As a result of the hard work and expertise shared by the summit participants and committees, FARE released the "Pilot Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Higher Education" in 2015, available for free download here. These guidelines are being refined through a pilot phase at 12 colleges and universities, so feedback and questions are welcome. Please email

Current Program Goals

FARE is currently developing a free online database where colleges and universities will have the option to indicate how they accommodate students with food allergies and celiac disease. The expected launch of this database is late 2016 or early 2017.

Resources for colleges and universities:

Download the Pilot Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Higher Education.

Sign up to receive free training and resources.

Learn about your legal obligations to students with food allergies and celiac disease.

Learn about laws in your state that may impact your anaphylaxis emergency response plan.

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