Applying for a Grant

Proposals are peer-reviewed by a FARE-organized panel of distinguished scientists and biotechnology experts. Applying for grants is a two-step process.


As the world’s largest private source of funding for food allergy research, FARE provides grants to qualified researchers at major medical centers worldwide. FARE-sponsored research includes clinical trials of promising therapies, as well as studies that answer crucial questions about the causes, epidemiology, and economic and social impact of food allergies.

Applying for a Grant

FARE-sponsored research has advanced the development of promising new treatments and explored the causes, epidemiology, and economic and social impact of food allergies. 

Guided by our comprehensive strategic plan for research, FARE’s overarching goals are to build a deep scientific understanding of food allergy; to accelerate the development of safe, practical therapies that will protect all individuals with food allergies against life-threatening reactions; and to develop methods to prevent food allergies. 

Specifically, FARE’s research goals are to:

  • Determine the genetic underpinnings of food allergy;
  • Understand the immune mechanisms that lead to allergic reactions to food;
  • Develop general, highly effective treatments for patients with food allergies, based on scientific findings; and
  • In the longer term, develop methods to prevent food allergy in at least a portion of susceptible children.

FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards

In 2014, FARE launched the Investigator in Food Allergy Awards. The objective of this program is to expand the field by developing a diverse pool of highly trained scientists in appropriate scientific disciplines to support biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research in food allergy. The program provides salary and research support over a two- to five-year period, allowing outstanding new and mid-career investigators to direct, or redirect, their career toward the study of food allergy. 

FARE is pleased to once again open applications for a new cycle of FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards. Applications will be accepted between Sept. 12 and Oct. 24, 2016. Learn more and apply

Please note that FARE has moved to an RFP model for its research awards and currently accepts applications for this program only. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jane Marchisotto, Senior Vice President of Research, at or 212-207-1974.

Food Allergy Resource Initiative (FARI) 

FARI is a repository of samples that are available for basic food allergy research and studies of new diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. Samples are available to qualified investigators at no cost. Learn more.

Current FARE-Funded Research

Clinical Trial Recruitment 

FARE has partnered with ResearchMatch, a national online patient registry, to connect patients with food allergies to new clinical studies across the country. Members of FARE’s Medical Advisory Board were involved in developing a special sub-registry for patients with food allergies, which helps investigators at institutions nationwide to identify candidates for participation in food allergy clinical trials. ResearchMatch is maintained by Vanderbilt University and funded by the National Center for Research Resources, part of the NIH. Learn more about working with ResearchMatch to recruit patients for studies at approved institutions.

Food Allergy Research Alliance (FARA) 

The Food Allergy Research Alliance (FARA) is a group of leading physicians (including allergists, pediatricians, and dermatologists) dedicated to increasing patient awareness about clinical trial opportunities. FARA members are educated about research and the opportunities for patient participation at nearby clinical research facilities.