Public Access to Epinephrine

Multiple states have passed legislation that permits, but does not require, various public venues, referred to as entities, to stock undesignated epinephrine for use in case of an emergency.

The definition of entities varies from state to state, but for illustrative purposes, may include day camps, youth recreation programs, theme parks, daycare centers, restaurants, sports arenas, and college campuses.

A small number of states have passed laws specific to colleges and universities that allow, but do not require, post-secondary education institutions to stock undesignated epinephrine. For more information about epinephrine on college campuses, please click here.

These laws may provide exemption from civil liability and outline specific requirements for training personnel, as well as how to obtain, maintain, store and administer the epinephrine.

The table below includes links to current statute that allows entities to stock undesignated stock epinephrine:






State Agency Responsible for Implementation


Act 2016-193

Alabama Department of Public Health


Chapter 85 (2016)

Arizona Department of Health Services


Act 1108

Arkansas Department of Health


Chapter 374, Statutes of 2016

Emergency Medical Services Authority


Article 47 of Title 25, C.R.S.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


Chapter 14-141

Florida Department of Health- Emergency Allergy Treatment


Act 56

Georgia Department of Public Health


Session Law Chapter 264 (2016)

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare


Public Act 99-0711, the Epinephrine Auto-Injector Act (2016)


Illinois Department of Public Health


House Enrolled Act 1454 

 Indiana State Department of Health


Section 135.185

Iowa Department of Public Health Indiana State Department of Health


Emergency Allergy Treatment Act

Kentucky Department for Public Health


Chapter 423

Maine Department of Health and Human Services


Public Act 221 of 2015  


Michigan Department of Health & Human Services



Minnesota 2015 Session Laws, Chapter 71, Article 8, Section 34


Minnesota Department of Health

Missouri SB 501 Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services


Chapter 127


Department of Health and Human Services: Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health- Emergency Medical Systems

New Hampshire

Chapter 39 (2016)

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

New Jersey

Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Act


State of New Jersey Department of Health

New York

Chapter 373


New York State Department of Health

North Carolina

 Session Law 2015-247

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


Epinephrine Autoinjectors-Stored for Emergency Use (2016)

Ohio Department of Health


Section 6002 of Title 59

Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy


Chapter 486

Oregon Health Authority- Public Health Division

Rhode Island

RIGL Chapter 23-6.4 

State of Rhode Island Department of Public Health

South Carolina

Emergency Anaphylaxis Treatment Act (2016)

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control


Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 68, Chapter 140, Sections 501-502

Tennessee Department of Health


Chapter 41  

Utah Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness


Chapter 10, Laws of 2016

Washington State Department of Health

West Virginia

Chapter 16 Article 50

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources


2015 Wisconsin Act 35

Wisconsin Department of Health Services