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FARE.Sifter.shop is a consumer-facing platform that lets shoppers define their food allergy and other dietary preferences in a MyDiet Profile, then shop and obtain a screen of products that match their profile preferences. Sifter saves consumers time and may help them discover a wider assortment of products.

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Sifter is different from other syndicated food attribution platforms in its complete data records, sophisticated sifting technology, and dietary algorithms. Sifter uses proprietary technology to curate a variety of product data sources and evaluates each record by nutrition, ingredient, and other attributes, and provides results in an easy-to-understand item detail page. Sifter systematically matches 200 (and counting) diets, attributes, and excluded ingredients against a person’s preferences across almost 200,000 products. In effect, Sifter will read and evaluate tens of thousands of product labels in seconds, no matter how complex the diet request may be. Unlike other platforms, Sifter filters multiple attributes on the same product by the top 9 food and allergens (and mustard, mammalian meat/red meat, and corn), medical health diets, medication interactions, lifestyle diets, religious diets, and responsible practices in a single search. Results of your first screen or “sift” are provided quickly, and the process is consistent.

Other factors differentiate Sifter.shop’s platform.


  • The 200+ SiftTags currently defining MyDiet Profiles are based on recognized resources used in clinical practices in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The result mirrors consultation with a registered dietitian.
  • The foundation for each SiftTag is based on principles from the Nutrition Care Manual of Clinical Dietetics (2020) produced by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in addition to hospital practices.
  • Sifter’s Medical Advisory Board is composed of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists work with Sifter leadership to ensure Sifter.shop remains at the forefront of evidence-based science and dietary trends. The Medical Advisory Board reinforces our commitment to nutrition science for those with food allergy and general consumers to “sift” to find foods to consider for dietary needs and preferences.

Quality controlled:

  • A disciplined quality assurance methodology is followed, and machine learning logic applied to data prior to any product and label evaluation. Rule-setting is developed and validated by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
  • Brand partners are engaged to verify product data for currency.


  • SiftTag eligibility means that the product can be considered related to needs of those with food allergy.
  • Overall dietary needs are factored in with additional rules and algorithms.
  • Logic is applied that includes search results that will generate a relevant “first screen” consumer experience of products for the selected diet.

Sifter does not:

  • Provide a scoring system that rates a product good/bad or healthy/unhealthy based on any criteria. Sifter provides users and shoppers products that fit their diet based on SiftTag key attributes, and for those with food allergy, an initial screen of products to avoid.
  • Give shoppers a yes or no answer regarding a product's value without considering the total diet.
  • Recommend package claims based on a product's profile.
  • Rate individual clinical or animal studies. Sifter applies authoritative scientific policies, meta-analysis, consensus, and verified or validated reports as intelligence used for their algorithms.

Medical Advisory Board:

  • Sifter maintains a Medical Advisory Board to help strengthen our ability to reach and serve all health-conscious consumers, particularly those following medically necessary diets like food allergy.

FARE does not endorse the suggested diets and food products obtained by using the Sifter platform. The FARE powered by Sifter tool is not a replacement for healthcare, and you should make sure to read product labels and contact manufacturers as needed before purchasing and consuming food products.

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