Camper Responsibilities

Help your camper stay safe with food allergies.

Your son or daughter may be too excited for camp—about hitting the great outdoors, making new friends or reuniting with old ones—to think much about food allergies.

But it’s important for your child to understand that he or she plays a role in staying safe, just like in school.

Before heading off to camp, a camper with a food allergy should know:

  • NEVER trade food with other campers.
  • Do eat anything with unknown ingredients.
  • Read every food label and double-check with a counselor (if age appropriate).
  • Be proactive and seek help for all allergic reactions, even suspected ones.
  • Tell an adult if he or she feels a reaction starting, even if there are no visible signs.
  • DO NOT go off alone if he or she has allergic symptoms.
  • Where his or her emergency care kit is located, or which camp counselors have access to it.
  • How to give epinephrine (if age appropriate).


These guidelines were developed with input from:

Helen Rebull, R.N., Congressional Schools of Virginia
Association of Camp Nurses
Food Allergy Research & Education

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