Bullying Prevention

About one-third of kids with food allergies report that they have been bullied because of their allergies. The "It's Not a Joke" campaign can help you learn more about food allergies and how to prevent food allergy bullying, a growing problem in schools across the country.

What You Can Do

Be a part of the solution: Find out what you can do to stop food allergy bullying.

Spread the Word About Food Allergy Bullying

You can help prevent food allergy bullying by raising awareness online and in your community. Download shareable social media images here.

For Kids and Teens

Find support for kids or teens with food allergies who are experiencing bullying.

The stories from parents like me dealing with food allergy makes me feel less stressed knowing that someone else is out there dealing with the same things that I’m dealing with and I’m not alone.

-food allergy parent

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In the Know

Teal is the New Orange®

When you offer non-food treats, you promote inclusion for ALL trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project!