Wendy’s: New “May Contain” Milk Allergen

Wendy’s is launching several new menu items that result in a new “may contain” milk allergen disclosure for foods cooked in the same fryers.

From Wendy's:

In January 2019, Wendy’s is launching 3 new hamburgers.  These hamburgers include an onion tangler topping that contains a milk allergen.  The onion tanglers are finished in our fryers and may introduce a milk allergen to other items that are fried in the same oil.  For up-to-date information, we encourage customers to visit https://www.wendys.com/nutrition-and-health and check the Food Allergens section.  US customers can visit the Our Menu section and Canadian customers, can visit Our Canadian Menu section. Each menu item identifies allergens for customers to evaluate based on his/her needs.

If you have any questions regarding allergens in our restaurants, please visit https://www.wendys.com/contact-us.