Food Allergy Research Alliance

Food Allergy Research Alliance

The Food Allergy Research Alliance* is a group of leading physicians (including allergists, pediatricians and dermatologists) dedicated to increasing patient awareness about clinical trial opportunities to help find new therapies and a cure for life-threatening food allergies.

Food allergies are responsible for approximately 203,000 emergency room visits a year. Members of the Food Allergy Research Alliance understand that food allergies aren’t about a runny nose or hives, but about anaphylaxis – a potentially fatal reaction.

Members of FARA understand that their patients want improved treatments and a cure, and that they and their patients are part of the team to reach that goal!

FARA members are informed about opportunities for patient participation at nearby clinical research facilities so they may help their patients who would like to participate get connected to these opportunities to bring about improved treatment and ultimately a cure for food allergies. They are able to:

  • Professionally advise their patients who have food allergies about which trials may be appropriate;
  • Discuss research opportunities for food allergy trials with their colleagues;
  • Display food allergy clinical research and trial brochures in their waiting area and front desk to keep patients with food allergies aware of the latest research and clinical trial opportunities; and,

For more information about the Food Allergy Research Alliance, please contact us: 

Food Allergy Research Alliance
1220 Park Avenue, Suite 16A
New York, NY  10128 
Phone: 917-669-7030

 * The Food Allergy Research Alliance (FARA) is grateful to FARE for generously hosting our online materials. Please note that FARA is not a program of FARE, and that the FARA information on this site is provided solely as a service to FARE’s constituents.