Events and Monthly Calendar

There are lots of exciting events happening this May to honor Food Allergy Awareness Week! Check back for more information and for specific action steps you can take.

Monthly Action Calendar

The month of May is a time to take action and make an impact on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies. The 2017 calendar will be posted soon.  


2016 Monthly Action Calendar  



 May 1 Print or purchase our new “React with Respect” poster and post around your community.
 May 2 Read five true stories of anaphylaxis.
 May 3 Know the Facts About Food Allergies! Download our one-page handout to learn the stats and facts.
 May 4 Webinar Wednesday! Join our Food Allergies 101 webinar (and invite a friend!) or watch an archived recording.
 May 5 Shop FARE’s Online Store: We have special products to help you raise awareness!
 May 6 Light it up teal! Look at our events calendar above to see if there is a building in your town lighting teal.
 May 7 Follow FARE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay connected with the latest news and resources.
 May 8 It’s Awareness Week! Send a tweet to thank the governors and mayors who made proclamations to formalize this occasion.
 May 9 Spread the Word! Share an infographic or fact about food allergies on social media.
 May 10 #TealTakeover: Wear teal today and share photos with #TealTakeover showing how you’re painting your town teal!
 May 11 Anaphylaxis Awareness Day! Learn how to use an epinephrine auto-injector or train someone else.
 May 12 15x15 Day! Donate $15 to FARE to support the 15 million Americans with food allergies.
 May 13 Watch and share our "Food Allergy Voices: FARE's Hope for the Future" video
 May 14 Register for the FARE National Food Allergy Conference, or mark your calendar for the FARE Teen Summit, or an event in your area.
 May 15 Stand and Deliver! Give a presentation at a school, office, or community building using one of FARE’s templates.
 May 16 Shop to Support: Stock up on products that benefit our cause by donating a portion of proceeds to FARE.
 May 17 Take action on pending legislation to make air travel safer for passengers with food allergies.
 May 18 Find Your Friends: Get involved with a local or online support group.
 May 19 Bullying: It’s Not a Joke - Watch FARE’s anti-bullying PSA and learn tips for preventing and addressing food allergy bullying.
 May 20 Interested in becoming a volunteer presenter? Join the FARE Education Network.
 May 21 Become a FARE member or renew your membership!
 May 22 Join Team FARE! Host or create your own fundraiser to support FARE
 May 23 Donate a food allergy book to your local or school library or daycare.
 May 24 Haven't visited an allergist lately? Read our tips on how to find an allergist.
 May 25 Help Us Say FAREwell to Food Allergies! Join a FARE Walk for Food Allergy or support a walker!
 May 26 Thankful Thursday! Give thanks to the people who support you and the food allergy community.
 May 27 Foodie Friday: Try a new allergy-friendly recipe and share with your co-workers or friends.
 May 28 Study Hall Saturday: Read up on the latest research studies on the FARE Blog.
 May 29 Volunteer for a clinical trial. Exciting studies are underway at major medical centers nationwide.
 May 30/31 Stay Informed: Subscribe to FARE’s emails and blog to have the latest delivered to your inbox.