FARE Store is Closed

As of 8/16, the FARE store is closed. 

This was a difficult decision, as we have loved engaging with the food allergy community and raising awareness about food allergies through our merchandise and materials. We remain committed to providing educational resources to the community so keep an eye out for additional digital resources available as easy downloads at foodallergy.org.

As a result of the closure, FARE will no longer sell Teal Pumpkin Project® merchandise. You will be able to find teal pumpkins and other Teal Pumpkin Project branded merchandise at leading retailers across the country including FARE partners Michaels Crafts and CVS as well as Amazon and other retailers. Retailers are increasingly understanding the importance of offering non-food treats, allergen-free products and teal pumpkins to households during the Halloween holiday. It’s exciting to see a flame lit by our volunteers and partners turn into a national phenomenon and we are excited to hand the reins back into the community.




Lisa Gable